The City Council welcomes input from community members during “Public Comment.” So that everyone who wants to address the City Council has the opportunity to do so, you are asked to follow a few simple guidelines.

  1. Please fill out a “Request for Appearance” form and hand it to the City Clerk before you address the City Council. The forms and copies of the Council Agenda are located just outside the front door of the Council Chambers (and from the City Clerk) immediately prior to each Business Meeting.
  2. Comments are to be no longer than 3 minutes. *If you are part of a group, please select a “spokesperson” to represent your group. An identified “spokesperson” will be allowed up to five minutes to represent your group. Other members of the group can then simply come forward, state her or his name, and say that they support what was said by the “spokesperson.”
  3. Up to 30 minutes will be provided for “Public Comment” near the start of each City Council meeting. Public Comment provides the opportunity for anyone to address the council on a subject listed on the regular agenda and/or a topic within the City’s purview.  If additional time is needed for “Public Comment,” it may be provided after the City Council has finished all of its regular agenda items. Councilmembers will listen to your comments and may ask staff to research and report back on the issue, but are unlikely to respond during the meeting.
  4. Participants are strongly encouraged to aid the Council in maintaining the decorum and orderly progression of the Council agenda. Engaging in personal attacks, use of profanity, disruptive noise, or comments that are off-topic detract from the ability of the Council to conduct business and are discouraged.
  5. The City Council is a policy making body. Therefore, members cannot take action or investigate employee issues. Employee matters are the sole responsibility of the City Manager. If you have a complaint about City staff, please contact the City Manager prior to a Council meeting.

*Note:  You are also encouraged to submit comments to the City Council by mail, e-mail or in ways other than addressing the Council in person at a Council meeting. Also, please note that the Council meeting is being televised on Y-PAC, cable channel 194, and live streamed on the City’s website.