Jason White

Jason White grew up in the same Southeast Yakima neighborhood where he still lives today with his family, which includes two daughters.  After graduating from A.C. Davis High School in 2001, Jason enlisted in the U.S. Army.  During his 6-year military career, Jason served as a medic and a physical therapy assistant.

After leaving military service, Jason worked in the private sector as a physical therapy assistant.

Jason is currently a facilities manager for Heartlinks Hospice & Palliative Care, a provider of care for terminally-ill patients throughout Central Washington.

Jason is committed to seeking solutions to gang violence and crime by identifying and supporting partner agencies that provide positive development opportunities to Yakima-area, at-risk youth.  He is supportive of ongoing efforts by the City and other community-based organizations that lead to more community integration, such as the establishment by the Yakima City Council of a Community Integration Committee in 2017.

Jason sees the opportunity for greater economic development in the Yakima-area by taking advantage of the broad and diverse array of small business owners who have invested here.  He admires the tenacity and fortitude demonstrated by small business owners and values their significant contributions to a sustainable economy in Yakima.

Jason is honored to have been chosen by District #2 voters to represent them, as well as everyone else who calls Yakima home, and looks forward to serving the entire community as a member of the Yakima City Council.

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