Rick EnseyRick was born and raised in Yakima.  He graduated from Davis High School, Yakima Valley Community College and Central Washington University.  After graduating from CWU, he married Diane.  Like many young people from small towns (Diane is from Ellensburg), Rick and Diane wanted to experience life in the big city, so they moved to Seattle.  Life in hectic and crowded Seattle is definitely for the young.

A dozen years of the Seattle lifestyle was enough, so they moved back home.

Rick manages his family’s rental housing business, a business his parents started almost 40 years ago.  Diane runs her own business, Beyond Paper.  She codes websites for web developers.

Rick believes that government has become too intrusive in people’s lives.  His mantra is smaller, smarter government.  Rick works to strike a balance between funding basic city services and protecting individual liberties.

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