2015 Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments

2015 JAG Grant

2015-2020 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program Amendment

2016 Budget Hearing

2016 Ad Valorem Tax and Bond Levy Taxes

6 Year TIP Amendment 2015-2020

Airport Master Plan

Airport Safety Overlay

Appeal HE Decision by Yakima Neighborhood Health for Proposed Community Resource Service Center

Apple Tree Phase 3B Final Plat

Catalyss Planned Development Agreement


Crown Crest Phase 2 – Final Long Plat

Crown Point Phase 2 Final Plat

Declaration of Surplus Property Adjacent to Stewart Subaru

Extension of Moratorium on Mission Uses in SCC Zoning District

Golden Grove Final Long Plat

HE Appeal Union Gospel Mission Expansion

HE Appeal Mission Expansion (Continuation)

Meadow view Estates Final Long Plat web

Mission Uses in GC, CBD, and M1 Zoning Districts

Proposed Amendment of Municipal Code Regarding “Mission” Uses

Rainier Court Preliminary Plat

Right-of-Way Vacation for Hamm Avenue Between S 12th Ave & S 13th Ave

ROW Vacation Tieton Drive – Community Health

Scenic Estates Planned Development Agreement and Final Plat

Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for 2016-2021

Soccer Park Annexation

Summit View Preliminary Plat

UAZO Text Amendment Sign Issues

Washington Heights Phase 3 Final Long Plat