Map courtesy Yakima County

The purpose of the East-West Corridor Project is to reduce congestion and connect the growing neighborhood of Terrace Heights to the City of Yakima:

  • Provide an alternative Yakima River crossing for east-west travel between the City of Yakima and Terrace Heights. 
  • Increase mobility, by decreasing travel delay, and relieving traffic congestion at the I-82/Yakima Avenue Interchange and on Terrace Heights Drive and Yakima Avenue. 
  • Construct the local road corridor which would allow for the consideration of construction of the recommended alternative for an interchange with I-82 identified in the WSDOT I-82/Yakima Avenue/Terrace Heights Drive IJR.
  • Provide bicycle and pedestrian facilities including a connection to the Yakima Greenway Trail.
  • Serve the existing approved transportation and land use planning along the roadway corridor as documented in the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments (YVCOG) 2020-2045 Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Plan.

Although this is a cooperative project, Yakima County is the lead agency in receiving comments and organizing the documentation for the East-West Corridor Project.

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