City of Yakima Drinking Water

In 2020 the City of Yakima Water Treatment Plant earned statewide praise as it received the Gold Certificate of Achievement for 10 years of outstanding performance.

It was presented by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Office of Drinking Water for meeting the high standards of DOH’s Treatment Optimization Program for 10 continuous years, 2010-2019.

The intake for the City’s drinking water system is located on the Naches River about 6 miles west of Yakima. Water is diverted from the Naches River at the confluence of the Tieton and the Naches Rivers by the Bureau of Reclamation through the Wapatox Canal. The intake structure has a number of fish protection facilities. Water leaves the intake and travels to the Water Treatment Plant through a 54-inch diameter concrete main.

How does the City’s system treat and deliver high-quality drinking water to homes and businesses throughout Yakima?

What can you do to help preserve this precious resource?

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Below are copies in English and Spanish of the City water quality report for 2019:

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