Yakima’s Historic Preservation Commission

Interested in Yakima’s history and seeing historic properties preserved? Then in this “Get to Know” installment, learn more about the City of Yakima’s Historic Preservation Commission, which has three openings for new commission members. The commission’s purpose is to “… provide for the identification, evaluation, designation, and protection of designated historic and prehistoric resources within the boundaries of the City of Yakima and preserve and rehabilitate eligible historic properties for future generations.”

Commission members are appointed by the City Council. The Historic Preservation Commission meets at 5:30 pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month in Yakima City Council Chambers. The meetings are streamed live on the City’s website at https://yakimawa.gov/ and televised on Y-PAC, Charter Cable Channel 194. Click http://bit.ly/522HistoricPreservation to watch the commission’s most recent meeting from Wednesday, May 23rd.

Click https://www.yakimawa.gov/services/historic-preservation-commission/ to learn more about the commission and its work.

Anyone interested in applying for one of the Historic Preservation Commission’s three vacant seats can download an application at https://www.yakimawa.gov/council/assets/Application-form-for-City-of-Yakima-Boards-and-Commissions.pdf or pick up an application at the City Clerk’s office at Yakima City Hall.

For more information about openings on City of Yakima boards, committees, or commissions, contact City Clerk Sonya Claar Tee by phone (575-6037) or by e-mail at sonya.claartee@yakimawa.gov.