GPS Base Station Upgrade

The City of Yakima has completed installing our new Trimble NetR5 GPS Base Station. You can retrieve files for post processing at the Washington State Reference Network. If you are not a member click on the guest login and proceed to the RINEX Shop. You can select the dates and times for the desired observations.

Background Information

The City of Yakima owns and operates a GPS base station for doing RTK surveys of its infrastructure. In December of 1998 the City of Yakima entered into an agreement with Central Washington GIS Partnership to provide a community base station. The Central Washington GIS Partnership bought the software necessary for this service. The City of Yakima provides the hardware and this web site to post the data sets.

Station Information

  • Latitude: 46 36 17.853246 North
  • Longitude: 120 30 18.174138 West
  • Horizontal Datum: WGS84
  • Elevation: 344.392 meters above mean sea level
  • Receiver: Trimble NetR5
  • Tracking epoch: Position at 5 seconds
  • Antenna Location: City Hall, Yakima, Washington