We try to paint over graffiti as efficiently as possible, but please also understand, legally we cannot paint on private property without proper permission and many times it is not as simple as walking up and knocking on a door and asking for a signature.  Many occupants are renting, either homes or businesses and cannot or will not sign permission slips, therefore a process to track down the owner to gain permission is then pursued and that takes time, effort and resources. We often have our graffiti employee approach an owner and seek permission, but unless he gives us permission, we cannot paint over it.  If we are unable to gain permission, we will then refer the matter to the Yakima City Code Dept.

Due to the fact that ONDS has no “Enforcement abilities”, we then have to send these complaints on to the City of Yakima Code department for them to pursue, and then wait for either a permission slip to come back, the property owner to take care of their graffiti, or a legal action from the code department to either enable the painting to be done at the property owners expense or other action; all of which cannot be done through ONDS.

We at ONDS only “Paint over graffiti”, we do not remove graffiti.  We, of course, don’t paint over, street signs, trees, sidewalks, mailboxes, vehicles, windows, in streets on the pavement, and to many other locations, Those items also receive graffiti tagging, but are not within our scope to “Paint over”.  Yet, as you can probably imagine, many people report the graffiti in these locations. When we can, we pass these requests onto the proper people who can take care of the graffiti. An examples such as a street sign would be passed on to the City of Yakima Streets and Traffic division who has the proper equipment to clean or replace the sign. As you can imagine, this is again a prime example of a small piece of graffiti that will take a great deal of effort to address, far more than just “Painting over” and with a much better result.