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Throughout 2015, the City of Yakima lead the planning program to create a Bicycle Master Plan. This plan will be contained within the Comprehensive and Transportation Master Plans. These plans are required by the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). With this Yakima Bicycle Master Plan (YBMP), the City aims to determine the most logical method of creating a connected network of bicycle facilities that serve the broad spectrum of individuals that bicycle in Yakima.

Led by the City’s Utilities and Engineering Department with input from the Built Environment Committee and a project advisory committee, the project:

  • Gathered community input on existing conditions, barriers to bicycling in Yakima, and priorities for improvement.
  • Built on the existing and planned bicycle facilities and bicycle-friendly trails.
  • Developed a plan for a Citywide bicycle network that includes arterial and neighborhood routes.
  • Prioritized improvements to the bicycle network and planning actions for implementation.
  • Developed goals and policy recommendations in the areas of education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation.

This webpage will be updated regularly throughout the development of the plan.

When Can I Expect to See the Final Bicycle Master Plan?

The Final YBMP are incorporated by reference into the City of Yakima 2040 Comprehensive and Transportation Plans, which were adopted by the Yakima City Council on June 6, 2017. The Bicycle Master Plan has been updated to reflect changes in the 2040 plans for consistency.  The BMP will be reviewed and approved by council at a to-be-determined date.

The final draft of the Yakima Bicycle Master Plan PDF is linked here:

Yakima Bicycle Master Plan Final Draft – 6/12/17

Network Maps Final – 6/12/17



When Will I Be Able to Comment on the Bicycle Master Plan?

The project team held several events to solicit feedback from anyone who wished to participate. The first event was an open house that occurred in Spring 2015 that was well attended, the presentations and information are available below.  Other meetings were held to draft the Plan, which is linked above.

During the initial Draft YBMP comment period, which was concluded at the end of October, the City received numerous comments and suggestions to improve the Draft Plan.  Comments have addressed both the proposed text and the project maps.  In general the comments included identified omissions from the Network Map, conditions of trail and bike routes, concerns about existing Shared Lane markings (sharrows), and additional suggestions for priority routes.  These comments were considered and revisions were made as needed and are included in the Draft YBMP that is linked above. Thank you to all that showed interest and took the time to provide feedback!

During the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Plan update programs, citizens, stakeholders and agencies will have multiple opportunities to gain information and provide feedback.  The formal adoption process for all long range plans will follow the City’s Notice and Public Hearing standards to ensure adequate time for comments, and revisions.


Project Resources

Below are links to project resources. (Note: some of these are large files that may take some time to download):

Thursday May 21, 2015, “Voices for Our Streets” Speaker Night Event, Yakima Convention Center 5:30-9pm

The following information was on display during the open house event:

Yakima Bike Master Plan Display #1 – Project Description

Yakima Bike Master Plan Display #2 – Project Schedule

Yakima Bike Master Plan Display #3 – Types of Bike Facilities

Bike Master Plan Open House #1 PowerPoint Presentation_5-21-15

Map and Survey

The Map and Survey for the Bicycle Master Plan development are closed.  After receiving over 200 responses, and numerous recommendations, the project team has complied a Survey Report Summary to be included in the Appendices of the Bicycle Master Plan.


For additional information please contact Brett Sheffield at


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