On May 1, 2018, City Council held a public hearing on proposed text amendments to the City of Yakima Urban Area Zoning Ordinance (Title 15) in relation to establishing regulations for temporary worker housing. The proposal also included modifications to the current definition of “boardinghouse,” adding a definition for “motel/hotel” (YMC 15.02 Definitions), modifying the Table of Permitted Land Uses (YMC 15.04.030 – Table 4-1), and modifying the Table of Off-Street Parking Standards (YMC 15.06.040 – Table 6-1). Council voted to deny the proposed ordinance and move the discussion to a study session for further review (to be scheduled at a later date).

On June 22, 2018, City Council held a special study session to discuss potential definitions of hotel and motel to adopt into the zoning ordinance. At the meeting, Council voted to place a moratorium on extended stay hotels and motels. The moratorium went into effect on July 24, 2018.

As required, Council held a public hearing on the moratorium on July 17, 2018. A motion passed 6 to 1 to “adopt the recitals set forth in the moratorium ordinance adopted on June 22, 2018, as the findings of fact for the moratorium, that this matter also be sent to the Yakima Planning Commission for research and evaluation, that the Planning Commission make a recommendation to Council proposing definitions for the following terms: hotel, motel, and extended stay; and make recommendations regarding what zones are appropriate for those uses and what level of review; and, lastly, that the City Council may simultaneously research and evaluate issues in one or more study sessions and continue discussion on these topics during the Planning Commission process.”


Current Processing of Proposed Text Amendment (City File Numbers TXT#003-18 & SEPA#025-18):

The Planning Commission held study sessions on this topic at their meetings on August 8, 2018August 22, 2018, and September 26, 2018. Planning Commission agenda packets and minutes can be viewed on the City Document Center. Recent Planning Commission videos can be viewed on YPAC.


  • City Council passed ORD#2018-047 on November 13, 2018; effective December 16, 2018.