As of November 2020, there are 3 valid marijuana retail licenses in the city of Yakima. The state allocated 5 marijuana retail licenses total to the city of Yakima.

Happy Hemp – 1315 N 1st St
Ancient Roots – 2 N 11th St
The Slow Burn – 1300 N 40th Ave #111

Note: this list is subject to change by relocation through appropriate land use review.

How are Marijuana related land uses (retail, production, processing, and research) regulated?

Please see YMC 15.09.220 for development regulations and YMC 15.04.030, Table 4-1 for the permitted zoning districts.

Land Use Application

Upon application for a marijuana related land use, the City will confirm eligible locations with respect to sensitive land use locations and buffers. This will include updated location of licensed child care and day care centers. In addition, property with split zoning of more than one zoning district will be evaluated. Applicants are encouraged to submit a pre-application meeting request so staff can help identify to the best of their capabilities any conflicts that would prevent the land use from being permitted at the desired location prior to the applicant submitting a formal land use application and paying the required application fee. Information on how to submit a pre-application meeting request can be found here.

Background Info

In 2016, the City of Yakima adopted regulations to govern the placement of marijuana retail, production, processing, and research (see Ordinances 2016-008, 2016-017, and 2016-018). These regulations were enacted as a result of the Washington State voter approval of Initiative I-502 in November 2012. The Yakima City Council created license restricted areas, consistent with state law (RCW 69.50.331) that excludes all land zoned for residential uses. In addition, certain sensitive land uses are buffered with a 1,000-foot separation requirement. This includes schools, playgrounds, home daycare and child care centers, libraries, arcades, public transit center, and other child based locations. Public lands were also excluded from the license-eligible locations.

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