For restaurants in the City of Yakima who currently do not have designated outside seating areas and desire to include temporary outside seating for Phase 3 within your private parking lot or other area on-site, please follow these steps, in addition to the Yakima Health District/Governor’s Guidelines, while creating this new temporary space (Please note, if your restaurant has an existing sidewalk café or outdoor seating area you do not need to provide any additional information to the City of Yakima):

  1. Maintain adequate distance from and access to on-site utilities such as fire hydrants, utility poles, and sewer manholes.
  2. Maintain access to ADA parking spaces and sidewalk ramps.
  3. Contact the Codes Division if you have questions about your outdoor Occupant Limit.
  4. Please provide to the City of Yakima Planning and Codes Divisions a Site Plan or an Aerial Photograph ( depicting the temporary outdoor seating area location.  Also include in the following information with your request:
    a. Business Name and current WA State UBI Number
    b. Site Address
    c. Authorization from property owner

Please note that any new structure(s) or permanent alteration to your current business site still requires a Modification through the Planning Division and potentially a building permit; furthermore, sidewalk cafés sited in the public Right-of-Way require a Right-of-Way Use Permit. In accordance with Resolution R-2020-065, the fees for these permits are waived pursuant to the declaration of emergency. This modified temporary process and waiver of fees will be applicable until the City of Yakima reaches Phase 4 under the Governor’s Safe Start Washington Plan.

Your request for an approved temporary outdoor seating area can be emailed to or applied for on our online permit center: Please contact the Planning Division at 509-575-6183 for more information. If needed, the Modification and ROW Applications can be found here:

The complete Phase 3 Guidelines for Restaurants (as well as Taverns, Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries) can be found here: