Proposal: The City of Yakima Planning Division, in conjunction with the Yakima Planning Commission, are proposing to amend Yakima Municipal Code Title 15 (Urban Area Zoning Ordinance) in relation to establishing regulations for temporary worker housing. The proposed amendments include modifying the current definition of “boardinghouse” and adding a definition for “motel/hotel” (YMC 15.02 Definitions), modifying the Table of Permitted Land Uses (YMC 15.04.030 – Table 4-1), and modifying the Table of Off-Street Parking Standards (YMC 15.06.040 – Table 6-1).

City File Numbers: TXT#001-18 & SEPA#003-18







  • The Yakima Planning Commission held a public hearing on March 28, 2018 on this matter (view video here). Their recommendation is uploaded to the “public notices” section above.

  • At the April 3rd City Council meeting, Council set the public hearing date as May 1, 2018. The City Council Public Hearing notice will be uploaded here.

  • At the May 1st City Council meeting, Council voted to deny the proposed ordinance and move the discussion to a study session for further review (to be scheduled at a later date). The meeting can be viewed here.

  • Council formally adopted Resolution No. R-2018-044 denying the Yakima Planning Commission’s Recommendation on May 15, 2018. The meeting can be viewed here.


  • On June 5, 2018, City Council voted to establish an Ad Hoc Committee made up by diverse members of the City and greater Yakima County to further explore, discuss and recommend allowable uses in each zoning district related to congregate living facilities. Through a subsequent motion, it was voted to appoint council members Kathy Coffey, Carmen Méndez, and Dulce Gutiérrez to this Ad Hoc Committee, with council member Jason White as the alternate.