City of Yakima
Officer Zigan

Officer Zigan unloading a dog at the Humane Society

Overview of Animal Control

The City of Yakima has one full time Animal Control Officer on staff, and three Animal Control Officers on contract from the Humane Society.  Animal Control Officers respond to citizen complaints regarding nuisance dogs, such as barking, running loose and keeping dogs in a nauseous, foul or offensive manner. Animal Control Officers also respond to sick and injured animals, as well as removing dead animals from streets and sidewalks. They investigate reports of animal abuse and neglect to assure the welfare of animals is being met. They respond to reports of dangerous dogs that are threatening the safety of people and their animals, and to incidents of dog bites. Animal Control Officers have the ability to charge people with violations of the Yakima Municipal Code pertaining to animals and can have violators arrested.

All animals picked up by Animal Control Officers are taken to the Humane Society of Central Washington, located at 2405 W. Birchfield Rd.

For barking dog complaints, the Animal Control Officer can charge the dog owner with the violation if 3 complaints are received during a 6 month period. On the 3rd complaint, a Declaration of Probable Cause must be completed by the complaining party, and the original signed form returned to the 2nd floor of City Hall, before any charges can be filed in court.

Biography of Officer Ben Zigan

Officer Ben Zigan

The City of Yakima Animal Control Officer Ben Zigan has been in the field of animal control since 1993.  Ben started his career in Pasco, Washington, working for the Benton Franklin Humane Society.  He worked with the Humane Society and Tri-Cities Animal Control until 2003 when he was hired by the City of Yakima.  Ben has successfully completed Animal Control Academies with the National Animal Control Association and the Washington Animal Control Association.  Officer Zigan served as a board member for the Washington Animal Control Association from 2005 to 2009.

Ben is considered an expert when it comes to identifying Pit Bull breeds that are subject to Breed Specific Legislation. He has instructed classes for other Animal Control Officers and government employees regarding dog bite safety and Breed Specific Legislation. Officer Zigan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his position at the City of Yakima as he strives to keep our citizens safe as well as serving as a voice for our community members that can’t speak for themselves.