City of Yakima
The goal of the City of Yakima Refuse Division is to help citizens efficiently remove garbage from their property. By doing so it keeps the city clean for all.


Automated Garbage Collection                                            Gargage and Yard Waste Carts

The Refuse Division provides automated garbage collection to over 25,000 residential customers. Customers have a choice of a 32-gallon or 96-gallon wheeled cart, collected weekly. Each cart is numbered and assigned to a specific address. Items placed outside the cart will be collected for an additional fee, only if arrangements are made prior to collection. Carry-out service is available for an additional charge for carts not placed at the curb or alley line.

 Automated Service  
Refuse Cart Size Weekly Collection Fee
32-Gallon $2.31
96-Gallon $3.93

Carryout Service

Refuse Cart Size  Weekly Collection Fee
32-Gallon $4.47
96-Gallon $6.49

Cart Placement

  • Please have containers at the curb or alley line by 6:00 a.m. on the day of your scheduled pickup.
  • Place your cart at the curb or alley line at least 4 feet from any obstruction, including other garbage or yard debris carts, vehicles, fences, mailboxes, power poles, etc.
  • Place your cart with the wheels facing your residence and the lid opening towards the road.
  • Avoid placing the container under low hanging tree branches, wires, building eves or other objects.
  • Please refrain from parking your vehicle in front of the cart.

Extra Garbage Charges

Extra items placed outside of the cart can be collected with your regular garbage service upon your request and for an additional fee.

Extra Items Collection Fee
Can $3.93/ea
Bag $2.35/ea
Box $2.35/ea
Brush $2.35/ea

Overfill Fees

Overfill fees will be charged for debris above the rim of the cart or for debris above the rim of the metal bin. Overfill fees are assessed to the container assigned to your residence.

      • 32 or 96-gallon cart overfill charges are $2.35 per cart, per occurrence.
      • Metal bin overfill charges are $12.26 per bin, per occurrence.

 Call-Back Request

There is a charge of $12.06 if you request our trucks to return and collect garbage or yard debris not placed out for collection at the regularly scheduled collection time or day.

Yard Waste Collection

City of Yakima Refuse division offers yard waste collection as well as regular garbage collection. For more information please see the link on the right side of this page. If you currently subscribe to yard waste service, calendars are available under that link as well.

Metal Bins

Metal bins are available for multiple dwellings and other residences where large amounts of garbage accumulate. The bin can be provided in place of your regular garbage service or to use on a temporary basis for that special clean up. Bins should be placed on a solid foundation where they are easily accessible for collection. 

For more information and to see sizes and rates use the following links.

Permanent Bins

Temporary Bins


Other Important Information

Collection Time

Please have containers at the curb or alley line by 6:00 a.m.

Special Hauls

The City of Yakima will pick up and properly dispose of tires, appliances, bulk yard debris and household items through a special garbage pickup. Please call for cost estimates.

Litter Abatement

The Refuse Division can assist in abating scattered litter and debris from alleys and public right-of-ways. If you observe debris that is offensive, unsanitary, unsightly, unsafe to public health or hazardous to fire, please contact our office. We will work with the property owner to resolve the problem.

Utility Customer Service

For service changes and requests, questions or concerns regarding your billing or problems associated with your refuse collection, please call the Utility Customer Service Office at 509-575-6080.


For ordinance information related to Refuse Collection please click the following link, Title 4 Health and Sanitation: Chapter 4.16 Garbage Storage, Disposal and Collection