Temporary Bins

Temporary bins are available for City Residents for use on a temporary basis. Residents may occasionally need to dispose of large quantities of refuse in addition to their normal weekly collection.  These bins are not provided for roofing, construction, or remodeling projects. 

The Refuse Division can provide a bin temporarily within a few days of a request. Once the bin is full, the customer will need to call again to request that the bin be emptied. The bin will usually be emptied within 3 days of the request. You can have the bin emptied multiple times but placement of bin will be at the discretion of the Refuse Division.

For questions call the Refuse Division at 575-6005 or to request a temporary bin please call Utility Services at 575-6080.

Items that can not be placed into City of Yakima bins include but are not limited to:

  • Nothing very heavy or oversized (furniture, appliances, chunks of wood/trees etc.)
  • No hazardous materials (tires, paint, chemicals, bio-hazards, etc.)
  • No appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, hot water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, etc.)
  • No hot coals, sod, sawdust, cement, dirt, large metal pieces, large building materials
  • No roofing materials


New rates effective January 1st, 2024

2-Yard Metal Bin

Holds approximately 10-12 32 gallon cans. This size of bin has wheels and can be moved once placed on the property. However, it would need to be moved back to the location it was dropped off before it can be emptied.

Delivery Fee$65.05
Empty Fee (each requested empty)$20.95
Daily Service Fee$3.20




4-Yard Metal Bin

Holds approximately 20-24 32 gallon cans. This size of bin has a possibility for wheels. 

Delivery Fee$75.70
Empty Fee (each requested empty)$31.25
Daily Service Fee$5.35


4 Yard Bin 


6-Yard Metal Bin

Holds approximately 30-38 32 gallon cans. This size of bin does not have wheels and cannot be moved once it is placed.

Delivery Fee$86.40
Empty Fee (each requested empty)$41.55
Daily Service Fee$7.45



Metal bin overfill charges are $19.15 per bin, per occurrence.