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Where can I place a mobile home or manufactured home within the city limits?

Definitions. “Mobile home” means a dwelling on one or more chassis for towing to the point of use which does not meet applicable HUD manufactured housing standards of June 15, 1976. This definition does not include modular homes, manufactured homes, commercial coaches, recreational vehicles or motor homes. “Manufactured home” means a dwelling on one or more chassis for towing to the point of use which bears an insignia issued by a state or federal regulatory agency indicating that the structure complies with all applicable construction standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development definition of a manufactured home and was built after June 15, 1976. Manufactured homes are further classified as single-wide or multi-wide (see full definitions in YMC 15.02.020).

Permitted Locations and Siting Requirements. Table 4-3, found in YMC 15.04.160, shows where mobile and manufactured homes can be permanently placed and what level of land use review is required, and describes siting standards for manufactured homes in residential districts outside of a manufactured home park, including requirements for roofing and siding materials, roof slope, and pit set. This code section also explains how existing manufactured homes can be replaced. Mobile/manufactured homes for nonresidential purposes are permitted in all zoning districts and are subject to compliance with other standards of the zoning district (YMC 15.04.170).

Mobile/Manufactured Home Parks. Mobile home parks are allowed in the following zoning districts per YMC 15.04.030 Table-4-1: Suburban Residential (SR), Multi-Family Residential (R-3) and General Commercial (GC) (need to know what the zoning is for a piece of property? Contact us or follow instructions here: Standards and criteria for development and expansion of mobile/manufactured home parks can be found in YMC 15.04.150.

Temporary Hardship Units. A mobile/manufactured home may be permitted as a temporary use in all zoning districts if it meets the requirements for a temporary hardship unit listed in YMC 15.04.140.