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Where can I put my fence on my property and how tall can it be?

The first step in determining where you can put your fence is to know the exact location of your property lines. Property owners may hire a land surveyor to mark their property lines for them, as surveyors have the knowledge and resources to accurately depict these points (note: city staff does not provide this service; a private land surveying company must be hired).

The next step is to review the regulations in Yakima Municipal Code (YMC) § 15.05.020 (G) for fence height and location. Generally, fence height limitations are dependent upon:

a) The zoning of your property;

b) Which yard the fence is in; and

c) Whether the fence is within the required setback area or behind it (see setback requirements in YMC § 15.05.030 Table 5-1)

Please note that your fence must always be on or behind your property line. If you have a corner lot, any fencing within the clearview triangle cannot be taller than 2 and ½ feet for safety vision purposes (see additional information on the clearview triangle in YMC § 15.05.040 and images below).

In some circumstances, it may be permissible to construct a fence that is taller than what the code allows. This may be allowed through an Administrative Adjustment application process in which the applicant must provide answers to the narrative questions in the application packet demonstrating the need and compatibility for such adjustment (download application here).

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Alternate example of clear view triangles – click to enlarge image