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Question of the Moment

How do I find information about easements on my property?

Easement Purposes. Easements can be established on properties in order to grant access for individuals who are not owners of the property to pass through (e.g. if a property is landlocked so the only way to access their property would be to go through a neighboring parcel). Another purpose of an easement would be for utilities in order to allow the city, utility company, etc. to access that portion of your property to access the utilities. It’s important to note that nothing can be permanently built within an easement.

Documentation. The first place to look for indications of easements is in your title report for your property. Another resource is the record of survey, which may be requested from Yakima County through a public records request.

Establish or Vacate. For questions pertaining to establishing or vacating an easement, please contact us at (509) 575-6183 or ask.planning@yakimawa.gov to speak with a planner.