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Have You Used Our Public Portal Yet?

We are pleased to provide you the following services online through our online permit center:

  • View public notices for land use projects
    • This includes notices such as…
      • Notice of Applications (for application types which require notice to the public per our Municipal Code)
      • Notice of Decisions (for required application types)
      • Notice of Public Hearings – Hearing Examiner and Planning Commission
      • Notice of Hearing Examiner or Yakima Planning Commission Recommendations to City Council
  • Search for details on current and previously processed land use permits
  • Pay application fees
  • Upload a submittal, such as a revised site plan or legal description, for a land use application that you have submitted
  • Apply for the following application types…
    • Zoning Verification Request (written confirmation of the zoning of a parcel, the future land use designation, and allowed land uses)
    • Development Services Team (DST) Pre-Application Meeting Request (more information here)

A list of our current planning applications is uploaded weekly under “documents” on the portal. You can also view the report which shows the updating of this list in real-time (please be aware that the report may take a couple minutes to load).

The city’s Code Administration also allows some permits to be submitted on the portal as well as the ability to request an inspection and search for permits and licenses that they process (such as business licenses, building permits, etc.). Please see their webpage for more information.

Check it out at buildingyakima.com. We hope you find this service to be convenient and easy to use!



Land Use Action Signs

For some land use review processes, a land use action sign is required to be posted by the applicant to help inform neighbors, property owners, and others who frequently pass by the area that a project is being proposed at that location. This method of notification is in addition to other notice requirements dictated by the Yakima Municipal Code. The following are a few examples of review types which require posting of a land use action sign:

– SEPA Environmental Review
– Type 3 Reviews
– Rezones
– Right-of-Way Vacations
– Preliminary Long Plat Subdivisions

If you’ve seen one of these signs and would like to know what is being proposed at that location, contact us at (509) 575-6183 or email to: ask.planning@yakimawa.gov. You may also find what you are looking for on our weekly agenda of current planning applications.