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Are Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) permitted in the city of Yakima?

ADUs are one way to supply affordable housing and provide property owners with extra income. They are allowed on lots containing a single-family residence, and may be attached to the primary residence, attached to or above a detached garage, or be its own stand-alone structure. ADUs are allowed on all parcels containing a single-family dwelling under a Type 1 Review in the R-2, R-3, B-1, B-2, HB, SCC, LCC, GC, RD and M-1 zoning districts; and under a Type 2 Review in the SR and R-1 zoning districts. The chart indicating zones where ADUs are allowed and the type of review required can be found in YMC 15.04.030.

Requirements. One factor in determining if you can have an ADU is the size of your lot. YMC 15.09.045 states that ADUs shall only be permitted on lots/parcels appropriately sized for a duplex per YMC 15.05.030 Table 5-2. However, ADUs proposed on lots smaller than this may be approved after undergoing one additional level of review as shown in YMC 15.04.030 Table 4-1. ADUs must not exceed 1,000 sq ft in floor area, and must follow other requirements related to setback requirements, aesthetics, and connections to public sewer and water. SEE YMC 15.09.045 FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF REQUIREMENTS.

Please note that a parcel/lot cannot have more than one single-family residence and one ADU. Also, ADUs are not permitted on parcels containing a duplex or multifamily dwelling, or a commercial or industrial structure/use.