Need to know the current zoning of your property, future land use designation or other development information? The City of Yakima is divided into several zoning districts. Land uses are categorized by what zoning districts they are allowed in and are designated a level of review that the proposed land use would need to go through with the Planning Division in order to be permitted. Table 4-1 Permitted Land Uses lists all land use categories that may be permitted based on zoning district. The map below is an interactive tool that will assist you in determining the zoning of your property.


Interactive Mapping

CityMap built using Web Application Builder

The City of Yakima CityMap allows you to look at and analyze a variety of data layers. You can locate properties by parcel number, situs address or geocoded address. Use the tools to navigate, identify or measure in the map window. Choose tools in the upper bar.  The new features of this mapping application are faster drawing times, better cartography and more current data.  CityMap is responsively designed and no longer requires a Flash plug-in.  You can run it on smart phones, tablets or desktops.

Note: Information may not be current to date.  The City of Yakima is not responsible for any incorrect information derived from the GIS system!