Yakima City Hall will re-open to the public on Tuesday, June 1st. City buildings were previously closed due to COVID-19 precautions. Beginning Monday, August 23, 2021, all City employees and visitors regardless of vaccination status will be required to wear face coverings.

Most business transactions can be handled over the phone (509) 575-6126 or online.


The City of Yakima requires a license for all businesses, including home-based businesses, located within city limits, or conducting business within city limits. If you are not sure if you will do business within the city limits, contact our office directly before you apply.

Create an account and apply for a new business license by clicking the link “Get or renew a license” at:

How to add a city endorsement to your existing State license.

After you apply for a new business license through the Department of Revenue or add the City of Yakima as an endorsement to your existing State license, your license application will be processed and reviewed by the City of Yakima Planning Division and Code Administration Division. An important piece of the business license review process is verifying that the proposed business use is allowed in the zoning district of the business location.  If you have questions about whether your proposed business is compatible with the current zoning of the property, please visit the City of Yakima’s Planning Division or call  (509) 575-6183.

Current Business License holders: About six weeks before your current license expiration date, the Business Licensing Service will send you a license renewal letter with instructions on how to renew your City of Yakima business license. To avoid penalties, submit and pay fees by the expiration date. Once your renewal has been processed, DOR will mail a new license to the address on your account.

How to renew a business license.

My DOR Help – provides detailed information on how to manage your business through the Department of Revenue.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Yakima Conversion to DOR Business Licensing Service in 2020

Effective April 2, 2020, the City of Yakima has partnered with the Washington State Department of Revenue, Business Licensing Service (BLS) for the administration of City business license applications and renewals.

Please Note: If you failed to renew your 2020 general business license with the City of Yakima prior to March 31, 2020 you will have to re-apply with the Department of Revenue Business Licensing Service after April 1, 2020.

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding these future changes. For more information about this transition please view the newsletter in the following link:

News Release – Business License Changes – March 9, 2020

News Release – Agriculture capital Yakima adds combined licensing solution – April 2, 2020

FAQ’s for Drivers of Transportation Network Company (such as UBER and Lyft)

Regulatory Licenses

There are other license (Regulatory License) requirements within the City of Yakima for specific kinds of businesses (Heating Journeyman, Secondhand Dealers, Pawn Brokers, Taxi Drivers, etc.). Applications for these specialty licenses can be found at the bottom of this page. Contact our office if you have questions regarding these applications.

Below are links to Regulatory License Application Packets specific for the listed business activity:

Mobile Vendor (goods, merchandise, or food) – “mobile vendor” means a vendor or seller of goods, merchandise, or food from a mobile food preparation vehicle or other motorized conveyance upon the public streets, alleys, public property of the city, or upon private property. Mobile vendors are regulated under YMC 5.57.030. If you are using a non-motorized cart or temporary structure, please fill out the Street Sales application instead.

Street Sales – “street vendor” means a vendor selling food or nonalcoholic beverages within a public or private parking lot, pedestrian plaza, sidewalk, or public property using a non-motorized cart or temporary structure. Street sales are regulated under are regulated under YMC 5.57.030. If using a mobile food preparation vehicle or other motorized conveyance, please fill out the Mobile Vendor application instead.

Pawnbroker – pursuant to regulations under YMC 5.54

Peddler/Solicitor – door to door sales pursuant to regulations under YMC 5.56

Right of Way Use Permit Application (pamphlet) – for private use of the public right of way pursuant to Yakima Municipal Code Chapter 8.20, including but not limited to: long-term residential or business/commercial use of the right of way; sidewalk signs; community crosswalk painting/markings; signs projecting over the right of way; or small wireless facilities; short-term permits for temporary placement of dumpster(s), container-type storage units, materials for landscaping projects, temporary right of way closure for construction-related projects.

Secondhand Precious Metal Dealer – pursuant to regulations under YMC 5.70

Sidewalk Cafe Regulatory License Application – to operate a sidewalk cafe within the public right-of-way in any commercial or industrial zoning district in city limits of Yakima

Sign Company License – pursuant to regulations under YMC 11.08

Taxi Driver – pursuant to regulations under YMC 5.78