Housing Action Plan (HAP)

City of Yakima Final Housing Action Plan – Adopted June 2021

The City of Yakima developed a Housing Action Plan to support and encourage new housing production to provide more housing choices and address local housing needs. This work took place throughout 2020 and early 2021. It considers the housing needs of current residents and workforce as well as projected future population growth. There are six primary objectives:
A. Encourage diverse housing development within existing neighborhoods.
B. Create and preserve affordable homes.
C. Create homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate- income households.
D. Support housing options that meet the diverse needs of older adults.
E. Address the needs of those struggling with homelessness.
F. Protect against displacement and poor housing conditions.

HAP – Background Information

HAP – Implementation Strategies in Review by the Yakima Planning Commission

The Yakima Planning Commission (YPC) is involved in reviewing and implementing changes to the Zoning Ordinance (YMC Title 15) and the Subdivision Ordinance (YMC Title 14) as they relate to the Implementation Strategies of the Housing Action Plan. Of the 37 implementation strategies, YPC will review and set forth recommendations on the following ten strategies:
Strategy #1 – Update city regulations to remove barriers to innovative housing types
Strategy #7 – Create design standards for multifamily and mixed-use development
Strategy #8 – Improve permitting and environmental process
Strategy #14 – Revise parking standards in key areas
Strategy #16 – Consider fee waivers or deferrals for affordable housing
Strategy #22 – Address mobile home parks that are dilapidated
Strategy #23 – Encourage micro-retail and flexible cultural design space
Strategy #26 – Incentivize Senior Housing
Strategy #28 – Minimize barriers to development of housing serving multiple populations
Strategy #32 – Incentivize backyard cottages and cottage housing

Quarterly Reports to City Council

Public outreach and engagement is a critical part of this planning process. Reports are presented quarterly to the Yakima City Council:

Monthly Building Permit Reports

Reports of Building Permit Statistics and New Residential Units are generated monthly and located on the City of Yakima Public Portal for review.