The City of Yakima faces a critical need for more affordable housing.  There is a housing shortage in Yakima, with vacancy rates extremely low, less than 2% for both apartments and homes. The City population is growing with a 2023 population estimate of 98,650 persons and a housing stock of 38,218 total housing units. There are additional public service and community needs in Yakima as well. Nearly 22% of the population of the City of Yakima lives below the Federal poverty level.

The Office of Neighborhood Development Services (ONDS) administers the funds received by the City of Yakima from the US Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Yakima is eligible to receive Entitlement allocations of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Funds.  Additionally, the City participates in other programs sponsored by HUD and the Washington State Department of Commerce which assist in meeting the community needs for housing and neighborhoods.