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City of Yakima Purchasing Division is proud to announce that we are using “Public Purchase”, a web based e-Procurement service.  In order to begin or continue to receive bid notifications as a current vendor you must register with this new system, which is FREE for you to use.  This vendor registration process is only for goods and purchased services procured by the Purchasing Division.  

The e-Procurement service is separate from the Small Works Roster ( that the City uses for Public Work projects and any Architect & Engineering Rosters.

Register at            

Vendor Registration Instructions Public Purchase Vendor Registration

Labor & Industries Training Requirement for Contractors:

Beginning July 1, 2019, all businesses are required to have training before bidding and/or performing work on public works projects. In 2018, the legislature passed ESSHB 1673 ( adding this training requirement to the responsible bidder criteria in RCW 39.04.350 (

Who needs training?

Follow this link to access the L&I “Verify a Contractor” tool where you can view Contractor License status, Worker’s Comp status, as well as training requirement status:

Who’s exempt?

You are exempt from this training requirement if you’ve been in business with an active Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number for 3 or more years AND have performed work on 3 or more public works projects.

Note: You may continue working on a public works project that starts before July 1, 2019, and continues on or after July 1 without needing to meet this training requirement.

Free training options

Follow this link to learn more about in-person and online training options: