Our newly upgraded Online Permit Center now allows you to apply for and obtain the following permits:
Commercial/Residential Mechanical (excluding gas appliances and piping)
Commercial/Residential Plumbing (applications only accepted online)
Commercial/Residential Reroof (tear off and reroof only)
Commercial/Residential Water and Sewer line replacements
Residential oil tank abandonments and removals



To schedule an inspection, please call the Inspection Scheduling Hotline at (509) 576-6682 or  Visit our Online Permit Center

Permits from the Code Administration Office

The Code Administration Division of the City of Yakima is responsible for issuing permits for: Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire Code, Water Connection (for connection to the City of Yakima domestic water), Wastewater (Sewer) Connection, Signs, Street Break, Noise, Banner (for specific locations across Yakima Avenue and 1st Street), and Right of Way Use Permits.  We also conduct most of the inspections that go along with the permits listed.


Building Permits: Please submit a Building Permit Application and two sets of construction plans (we approve both, you receive one stamped approved set back). This may include: site plan, floor plan, elevation/wall details, truss/floor engineering, before and after plan (remodels), WSEC worksheets, gas piping plans, etc. For commercial buildings, we ask that at the time of Building Permit Application, a complete (existing and proposed) plumbing fixture count is provided if you are planning to modify the plumbing. Please also indicate if the toilets are the tank type, or the flush valve type.


Plumbing Permits: Please complete and submit the Plumbing Permit Application. The Plumbing Permits are based on the kind and number of fixtures to be installed.  You can also apply for a Plumbing Permit online!  (Commercial Plumbing Permits require additional review before issuing the permit, but you can certainly apply online.) Please visit our site at https://ci-yakima-wa.smartgovcommunity.com/Public/Home. (You will need to create an account in order to apply for a permit.)

≈ Sample Port Application Packet: For Commercial Projects Only – Submit this application Sample Port Application Packet, a site plan (see attached example in application packet), and indicate which City sample port standard detail you will be installing.

≈ Commercial Side Sewer Permits: Please submit two copies of a detailed plan of your proposed side sewer line (including your method for connection to the public main, if applicable) for review and approval prior to permit issuance.

≈ Commercial or Residential Side Sewer Permits: After permit issuance, if you will be making a tap directly into the public sewer main, we ask that you schedule an inspection with our office so that we can verify that the tap is cut in such a way that leaves a smooth hole such as with a hole or core saw. “Hammer taps” will not be approved. Our inspectors also want to see the cored “plug” that results from core drilling. Also, the person doing the sewer main tap must possess a City of Yakima Side Sewer Installer’s license.

Mechanical Permits: Please complete and submit the Mechanical Permit Application.  If you are installing new gas piping, a gas schematic is also required which shows the size of the gas piping, distance of the gas piping from the meter to the new appliance(s), and the BTU’s of the new appliance(s).  If you are adding gas piping, all existing piping sizes and distances also need to be shown.

≈ A Mechanical Permit and inspection is required for Residential Oil Tank Abandonment.  Please see our Residential Oil Tank Abandonment requirements.

≈ If your Mechanical Permit does not include any heating or comfort cooling equipment (ie. vent fans, wood stove), you may be able to apply for your Mechanical Permit online!  Visit our site at https://ci-yakima-wa.smartgovcommunity.com/Public/Home to apply for a permit online.

Fire Code Permits (including commercial tent/canopy permits): Please submit two copies of your plans as well as the Fire Permit Application.  For the tent/canopy permits, please also include a site plan of the placement of the tents/canopies, as well as a copy of the fire retardant information/certification for the tent/canopy.

Street Break Permits: applications can be obtained here, Excavation-Permit-Street-Break or for more information, such as Engineering Specifications for your specific project, please visit the City of Yakima’s Engineering page for Road Specifications.

Sign Permits: Please submit two sets of drawings that show how you plan to construct your sign, a site plan showing where on the property you plan to erect the sign (not necessary for wall signs), and a Sign Permit Application. For billboard signs please review the City of Yakima Sign Code online or contact our office at 575-6126 before submitting an application.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Permits: Please complete and submit the SWPPP permit application. If your project clears or grades one acre or more then this stormwater permit is required. More information can be found on the Stormwater website.

  • Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control (TESC) plan: Submit the TESC plan for review and approval prior to doing any grading work at the site (allow 7 to 10 days for review).
  • Call for and pass an erosion control inspection with the Office of Code Administration prior to breaking ground.
  • Submit drainage plans and calculations for review.
  • Call for and pass an inspection of the permanent stormwater BMPs during their construction.
  • Call for and pass an inspection of the permanent stormwater BMPs once their construction is completed and the site is stabilized.
  • Complete a Stormwater Maintenance Agreement. This is a requirement for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.

~ Parade and Special Event Permits are reviewed by the City of Yakima Economic Development Department. If you have any questions please contact Economic Development Assistant Colleda Monick at (509) 576-6772 or by e-mail: colleda.monick@yakimawa.gov The application and guidelines for a special event permit are located here.

~ Electrical Permits: Please contact the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries at (509) 454-3760 or at  www.lni.wa.gov.