Pre-Application Meeting

A pre-application meeting is recommended for proposals to develop a vacant lot, redevelop a lot, or subdivide a property. You may voluntarily request a conference with the City’s Development Services Team (DST) which is comprised of representatives from City departments, State agencies, and private utility companies. This conference is to review the proposed action, to become familiar with the policies, plans and development requirements of the Yakima Urban Growth Area and to coordinate all necessary permits and procedures. The first meeting is free of charge and must be applied for online through our online permit center:

Land Use/Zoning

Land use review may be required depending on the scope of work. Potential review requirements should be considered prior to applying for your building permit. Land use applications and building permits can be processed concurrently but the building permit cannot be issued until any necessary land use review application is approved and any pre-permit conditions established in the land use decision are satisfied.

Code Administration Permits

APPLICATION & PLAN SUBMITTAL: Permit applications and plans may be submitted digitally and you will receive the stamped approved plans back via email – OR – the application and two sets of any required plans/documents can be submitted at the Permits Counter or by mail and you will receive one stamped, approved set back from the Permits Counter.

  • Permits that do not require plan review can be applied for directly through the Online Permit Center. These permits generally include:
    • Commercial/Residential Plumbing and Mechanical (change out same-for-same only)
    • Residential Reroof (tear off and reroof only)
    • Commercial/Residential Water and Sewer line replacements
    • Residential Oil Tank Abandonments and Removals (a site plan should be included)
    • Residential Re-Siding
    • Gas Piping Pressure Test
    • Installation of Woodstove or Other Wood-Burning Device
  • Permits that do require plan review can be applied for online by downloading and completing the appropriate application form from our website and emailing it to Once received, a Permit Tech will log the application into our system and notify you to upload the plans through the online permit center.


New Construction – submit a building permit application, plumbing and mechanical (if applicable), and construction plans to include:

  • Site plan
  • Floor plan
  • Elevations
  • Wall details
  • Truss engineering
  • Floor engineering
  • Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) worksheets
  • Gas piping schematic (if applicable) showing size and length of the gas piping from the meter to the appliance(s) and BTU’s of the appliance(s).
  • Remodels – submit a building permit application, plumbing and mechanical (if applicable), and construction plans to include:
    • Existing and proposed floor plans
    • Wall details
    • If applicable:
      • Truss engineering
      • Floor engineering
      • Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) worksheets
      • Gas piping schematic showing size and length of the gas piping from the meter to the appliance(s) and BTU’s of the appliance(s). If adding onto existing gas piping all existing piping sizes, distances and size of existing appliances must be shown.

For Commercial projects – if you plan to modify the plumbing, please submit an existing and proposed fixture count and please indicate if the toilets are tank type or flush valve type.

NOTE: Projects that involve the clearing/grading of 1+ acres require a Large Project Stormwater Permit and an Erosion Control Inspection for such permit is required prior to the issuance of the building permit.


  • Construction plans shall be provided for installation of any new fixtures or piping; changing out same-for-same generally does not require plan review but a permit is still required.
  • For commercial uses, please indicate if water closets will be tank or flush valve type.
  • If you plan on using existing plumbing fixtures, please provide a list that distinguishes between existing and new fixtures.
  • A City of Yakima Side Sewer Installer license is required pursuant to Yakima Municipal Code Chapter 11.44 for individuals or corporations who engage in the business of installing or contracting to install, repair or alter side sewers. 


  • Construction plans shall be provided for installation of any new appliances or for installation or addition to gas piping; changing out same-for-same generally does not require plan review but a permit is still required.
  • For new gas piping, submit a gas schematic that indicates the size of the gas piping, distance of piping from the meter to the new appliance(s) and the BTU’s of the new appliance(s).  If you are adding gas piping, all existing piping sizes and distances needs to be shown.


  • Fire Code permits are required for all installations, additions, and alterations to any fire alarm or fire sprinkler system. Plans and specifications are required to be submitted and approved prior to permit issuance. A fire code permit is also required for firework displays, and commercial tents and canopies.
  • Fire alarm plans, automatic fire sprinkler plans, and fire line plans must bear NICET III certification number and name of designer, or professional engineer’s stamp. For fire alarms, an ESA/NTS can substitute in place of a NICET III.


  • Plans are required to be submitted, and a site plan is also required for all pole signs.
  • In addition to a City of Yakima General Business License, a Sign Company License is required pursuant to YMC 11.08 for sign companies who erect, remove, and service or maintains signs within the City of Yakima.
  • For billboard signs please review the City of Yakima Sign Code online or contact our office at 509-575-6126 before applying.


  • The water/wastewater connection application can be used to apply for a new connection to City water or sewer, to request a cost estimate to connect, to add additional water meters, etc.
  • If any of the work will be done in the right-of-way, you will also need a street break/excavation permit from Engineering.
  • If the sewer main must be tapped in order to install a sewer stub, a specialty Side Sewer Installer’s License must be obtained from the Code Administration.
  • If connecting to the City Water system, those connection fees must be paid before or at the time the building permit is issued.
  • If your project will be served by Nob Hill Water Association, please contact them at (509) 966-0272 (6111 Tieton Dr).


  • Occupancies that discharge strong waste to the City of Yakima Wastewater Treatment Plant will require the installation of a Sampling Port (manhole) on the side-sewer in accordance with Chapter 7.65 of the Yakima Municipal Code.
  • The application form and submittal requirements are available online:
  • Questions regarding sampling port requirements may be directed to the Wastewater Pretreatment Supervisor, (509) 575-6077.  


  • Projects that involve construction of more than 5,000 square feet of new or hard surfaces, require a completed stormwater permit application form and 2 hardcopies of the plans and drainage calculations (prepared by a licensed Professional Engineer) be submitted for review.  There is no fee for this review/permit.


  • Projects that clear or grade one acre or more require a Large Project – Stormwater Permit Application and 2 hardcopies of any materials required to be submitted.
  • There is no fee for this review/permit. Please refer to our webpage for the application form and requirements.
  • A building permit will not be issued without first passing an Erosion Control inspection.
  • A Stormwater Maintenance Agreement must be completed and submitted to Randy Meloy, Surface Water Engineer. After necessary City staff signatures are obtained, the Agreement must be picked up, recorded at the Yakima County Auditor’s office and proof that it has been recorded provided to the Code Administration (c/o Permit Project Coordinator), prior to final inspection/issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.

Engineering Permits

  • Excavation/Streetbreak Applications:
    • Required for projects within the public right-of-way.
    • Please contact the Engineering Division at (509) 575-6111 or to confirm application, insurance, bond and/or permit fees. Information may also be available on their webpage.
  • ENG Permit Applications (Civil Plans):
    • Required for new public infrastructure (i.e., sanitary sewer, storm drainage, water, irrigation, roadway improvements, etc.) Civil plans are a separate submittal from the building construction plans.
    • The completed ENG permit application and one hardcopy of the civil plans shall be submitted at the Permits Counter. The application fee can be paid at the counter, online, or by check in the mail.
    • The application, procedures manual, and other information are available on the Engineering webpage.
  • Right-of-Way Use Permit/License Applications:
    • Occupying the right-of-way, whether on a short-term basis (e.g. for a construction project, to place a dumpster on the street) or long-term/permanent (e.g. installing a sign or fence), will require a right-of-way use permit or license. Submit the application and any required plans/application materials through Engineering.

Other Information Pertinent to Permits

  • Addressing and Mailboxes:
    • Guidance for builders and developers on mail delivery/mailbox questions may be found here.
      If you have questions, please contact David James, USPS – or (509) 225-1362.
    • If you need to request an address for an undeveloped property or request to change an existing site address, complete the application form on our Permits page.
  • Business License Applications:
    • In addition to having a valid contractors license for Washington State, a General Business License is required for contractors/subcontractors working within the City of Yakima. 
    • A business license can be applied for and renewed online on the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) website, or you can download and mail in the application form.
    • More information on the city’s partnership with DOR can be found on our Licenses page.
  • Electrical Permits:
    • Please contact State of Washington, Labor & Industries for Electrical Permits/inspections, 15 W Yakima Ave. Suite 100, (509) 454-3700. 

This list may not be a complete list of applications relevant to your project and is provided for informational purposes only. 

Specific permitting process questions can be directed to the Code Administration: (509) 575-6126 /

Specific code requirement questions can be directed to: 

We look forward to working with you!