General Information

The City/County Procurement Division is directed by Purchasing Manager Sue Ownby, CPPO, who is authorized by the City Council and Board of County Commissioners to buy or make commitments on both entities behalf. While the City is mandated by City Charter, as well as City Code and State Statutes, the County is mandated mostly by State Statutes. Although individual departments have their specific needs and criteria for purchases, all purchasing activities, including issuance of Purchase Orders, the written quote and sealed bid process are done by the City/County Purchasing Division.

Procurement is centralized at $10,000 for both the City and the County. Purchases over these amounts must be routed through the City/County Purchasing Division. The formal sealed bid limit for both entities is $50,000 at which notices are placed in the Yakima-Herald-Republic Legal Notice Section and on the City/County Purchasing web page. Specifications may be picked up, mailed, or downloaded off the web page (preferred). Sealed bids are opened and read publicly in the City Council Chambers, or another designated location. Bid tabs are available online.


If the purchase is for a Public Work and Improvement Project, both entities are subject to the current Revised Code of Washington Statutes (RCW’s), Title 39. At the City, Purchasing handles only Limited Public Work under $35,000. Larger projects go through the City’s Engineering Division at 509-575-6111. At Yakima County, all Public Works are handled by the Public Services Department at 509-574-2300.

Sales Representative Visits

While every effort is made to accommodate visits, it is strongly urged that you call to make an appointment to meet with either the Purchasing Manager or the Senior Buyer.


All deliveries shall be submitted FOB destination, ready for regular and safe operation, unless otherwise requested. Delivery location will be specified at time of order.


After a purchase order is issued to the contracted vendor, the using department will process the purchase order for payment within 30 days after:

  • Receipt and acceptance of goods, and
  • Receipt of properly completed invoice.

All City Invoices shall be mailed to:
City of Yakima
Accounts Payable
129 North Second Street
Yakima, WA 98901


All County Invoices shall be mailed to address given at time of order.


The City has an established WMBE (Women and Minority Business Enterprise) goal of 10% and a DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) goal of less than 1%. It is the City’s policy to ensure that WMBE’s and DBE’s have an equal opportunity to receive and participate in City Contracts.

The City and the County reserve the right to accept or reject any or all bids or quotes and are not necessarily bound to accept the low bid or quote.
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