City of Yakima

Application form for City of Yakima Boards and Commissions Updated 01-31-2014


3-year term — 7 members

Chief Inspector, Code Administration    Ex-officio

Operates under Section 113 of the Uniform Building Code and Dangerous Building Code adopted by Ordinance No. 2012-27

Appointed by:       Mayor with Council approval

Meetings:             On-call Basis and at City Hall

Term Limitations: N/A

Responsibilities:  Hears appeals from decisions of the Building Inspector, relating to building construction or on matters concerning alternate materials or methods of construction.


6 Year Term — 3 members

The Charter City Employees Civil Service Commission operates under City Charter provision; Article XVI, Section 3.

Appointed by: City Council as stipulated in the City Charter

Meetings: 1st/Mon (Sept/2nd Mon) – City Hall 3:00 p.m. Council Chambers

Term Limitations: None.

Residency Requirements: Must be a registered voter of Yakima County.

Attendance Requirements: None.

Responsibilities: Adopts rules, administers merit principles governing the appointment, promotion, transfer, lay-off, removal, discipline and welfare of the classified employees other than Police and Fire.

City of Yakima Planning Commission

6 year term – 7 members

Established by Ordinance 2010-22, 2013-024

Contact:  TBA

Meetings:        4th Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers

Appointed by:  Mayor and confirmed by City Council

Residency requirements:  No person shall hold the office of member of the City Planning Commission unless that person is a resident of the City. or 2) An owner of a business or real property that is located within the City of Yakima.  

Term limitations:  Two

Attendance requirements:  N/A


The duties of the City Planning Commission shall be as set forth in RCW Chapter35.63.060, by City ordinance, or as may be assigned or requested from time to time by the City Council.  Such duties include, but are not limited to:
1.    Serving as the long-range planning body for the City of Yakima;
2.    Monitor the growth and development of the City and continually reevaluate and recommend to the City Council revisions to the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance for the City;
3.    Develop and recommend to the City Council a subdivision ordinance for the City and revisions thereto;
4.    Investigate and make recommendations on other land use matters as may be requested by the City Council or on its own initiative;
5.    Study and report on all proposed text changes to land use ordinances;
6.    Advise the City Council on land use matters;
7.    Monitor the hearings of the hearing examiner in order to remain informed on development activities, public concerns and the decisions of the hearing examiner;
8.    Such other planning functions as authorized or required by law or ordinance or as requested or assigned by the City Council.


Supplemental Application – Community Review Board

4-year term –7 members

Code Administration Manager Ex officio

Operates under City Ordinance Number 99-15. Established under Chapter 10 to Title 11 of the City of Yakima Municipal Code.

Appointed by: City Council

Meetings: First & Third Wednesday at 5:30 P. M. – Council Chambers

Department Contact: Joe Caruso

Term Limitations: Three Years – No limit on number of terms

Residency Requirements: Members must represent different aspects of the public as a whole including local residents, the building industry, the health community, the business community, and the residential rental community, but not more than two from any of these.

Responsibilities: Conduct administrative hearings and render decisions based upon written findings and do all things necessary and proper to carry out and enforce chapter 11.10 YMC


3 Year Term – 5 Members

Operates under Ordinance No. 2012-01 and 2012-49

Appointed by:  Elected from among the assessed business owners and operators within the DYBID by the District’s assessed business owners and operators.

Meetings:  Quarterly

Residency Requirements: All Advisory Board members must represent business owners and operators assessed by the DYBID and shall reflect the diversity of population of the city of Yakima, including its racial, sexual, ethnic, cultural, educational and work force segments as well as other aspects of the community.

Term Limitations:  Three consecutive terms

Attendance Requirements:  If a member of the Board does not attend two consecutive regular meetings, unless excused by vote of the Board, his or her membership shall automatically terminate and a replacement member shall be elected in accord with the provisions of this Chapter.

Responsibilities: The DYBID Advisory Board is created as an advisory body to make recommendations to the city council on issues affecting the operation of the DYBID formed by city council through Ordinance 2011-58.  The Advisory Board shall provide a direct line of communication between the assessed participants of the DYBID and the city council and shall generally provide the council with reports of the sufficiency of the services provided through the District, complaints or observations from assessed members of the District and requests for consideration of modifications to the District to meet the intended and expressed goals described in the ordinance establishing the DYBID.


5 Year Term — 5 members

Operates under State Law RCW 35.82 and Resolution No. D-3719 enacted 06/27/77

Appointed by: Mayor and City Council

Meetings: Fourth Wednesday at 3:30 P. M. – Housing Authority Office
810 N. 6th Ave, (453-3106)

Term Limitations: None

Residency Requirements: None

Attendance Requirements: None

Requirements: No commissioner of an authority may be an officer or employee of the city or county.

Responsibilities: Development and operation of programs to provide improved housing for low-income families and individuals, throughout the City; and cooperation with other agencies in neighborhood improvement programs, and provision of housing for displaced persons.

Contact: Lowel Krueger/Housing Authority – 453-3106. Upon appointment, certificate of appointment, signed by the Mayor, must be completed. The member is administered the oath of office by the City Clerk; after which, a certificate is completed, signed by the City Clerk. No City Department affiliation

Executive Director: Lowel Krueger


Supplemental Application – Historic Preservation Commission

4 Year Term — 7 members

The Local Review Board For Historic Preservation was established under Chapter 11.60 of the City of Yakima Municipal Code. It operates under Ordinance No. 3223, 2005-002, & 2011-028

Appointed by: Mayor with approval of the City Council.

Meetings: 4th Wednesdays @ City Hall

Term Limitations: None

Residency Requirements: Must be a Yakima resident

Attendance Requirements: None

Responsibilities: Make determinations concerning the eligibility of historic properties; verify that improvements are consistent with Washington State Advisory Council’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Maintenance; enter into agreements with property owners for the duration of the special valuation period; approve or deny applications for special valuation; monitor the property for continued compliance with the agreement.


Established under RCW Chapter 67.28 and Substitute Senate Bill 5867 (Chapter 452, Laws of 1997) and created by Resolution No. R-97-84, adopted June 17, 1997.

Appointed by: Yakima City Council

Meetings: On-call basis

Department Contact: Cindy Epperson, Director of Finance & Budget

Term Limitations: No set terms. Must either be a representative of a business required to collect the lodging tax or a person involved in activities authorized to be funded by the revenue received from the lodging tax.

Residency Requirements: None.

Attendance Requirements: None.

Responsibilities: When Council proposes the imposition, increase, or repeal of an exemption from a tax under RCW Chapter 67.28, such proposal shall be submitted to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee for review and comment at least 45 days before final action on the passage of the proposal by the City Council. The Committee’s comments shall include an analysis of the extent to which the proposal will accommodate activities for tourists or increase tourism, and the extent to which the proposal will affect long-term stability of the fund used for paying the costs of tourism promotions, acquisition of tourism-related facilities, or operation of tourism-related facilities.


4 Year term – 7 members

Director of Public Works Ex-Officio

Established under Chapter 1.35 of the City of Yakima Municipal Code. Operates under Ordinance No. 1573, enacted 10/01/73 and Ordinance No. 2688, 2010-015.

Appointed by: Mayor and City Council

Meetings: Second Wednesday at 5:30 P. M. – City Council Chambers

Residency Requirements: Must be a City of Yakima resident.

Term Limitations: None

Attendance Requirements: Three consecutive unexcused absences disqualifies member from serving.

Responsibilities: Advises the City Council and Director of Parks and Recreation concerning the formulation of policy, plans and programs to maintain and operate City parks and carry out recreation programs.


6 Year term – 3 members

Operates under RCW 41.12 and Ordinance No. B-199 enacted in 1937. The Fire Civil Service Commission was established under Chapter 1.46.020 of the City of Yakima Municipal Code, RCW 41.08.010 and RCW 41.08.030. The Police Civil Service Commission was established under Chapter 1.54.020 of the City of Yakima Municipal Code, RCW 41.12.010 and RCW 41.12.030.

Appointed by: City Manager with Council approval

Meetings: 1st/Mon (Sep 2nd/Mon) at 3:00 P. M. – City Hall – Council Chambers

Requirements: U. S. Citizen, 3-Year City resident, and registered voter.

Term Limitations: None

Attendance Requirements: None

Responsibilities: Adopts rules and principles governing employment, advancement, demotion and discharge pertaining to Police and Fire employees.


4-year term — 7 members

Operates under City Ordinance No. 2001-28. Codified as Chapter 35.57 RCW

Appointed by: City Council (5 Yakima, 1 Selah, 1 Union Gap)

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday at 8:30 A. M., at Convention Center

Dept. Contact: Cindy Epperson, Director of Finance & Budget

Residency Requirements: None

Attendance Requirements:

Requirements: Shall not be members of the legislative authority of the Cities of Selah, Union Gap, or Yakima at any time while serving on the Board. Have knowledge and/or experience in tourism, convention, and/or business. Diversity of backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, education, cultures, industries, business experience, etc. desirable. Must be bondable.

Responsibilities: To govern the affairs of the Public Facilities District including: approval of changes in the district’s bylaws; oversee the general operation and structure of the district; interface with and advise the Yakima City Council, City Manager, and City Staff on operations of the District; interface with the hotel/motel owners and other convention and tourism related businesses within the District. The District was established to lease and operate the Yakima Convention Center. This allows for a portion of the sales taxes currently collected and sent to the state to be directed back to the PFD. These funds will be used to finance the expansion of the Convention Center.


4 Year term – 7 members

A representative for the operator of the Southeast Community Center shall also be an ex-officio member of the advisory board.

Appointed by: City Council based upon the recommendations of Operator (Board of Directors).

Meets: Quarterly

City Contact Ken Wilkinson (staff liaison) 575-6005

Residency Requirements: Must reside within the city limits of Yakima

Term Limitations: None

Attendance Requirements: None.

Responsibilities: To make recommendations to the Operator and City regarding Management policies, operations, maintenance, and capital improvement needs.


Supplemental Application Form – Arts Commission

4 Year term – 13-15 members

The Arts Commission was established by Resolution R-2009-166 December 1, 2009

Appointed by: Yakima City Council.


2 working artists (“working artist” shall be a person who has had their works of art exhibited in professional gallery spaces and/or has had their work included in professionally juried exhibitions or permanent collections: 4-6 community members  of which at least 3 shall be residents of the City of Yakima from diverse backgrounds and shall have no vested interested in any particular art or cultural endeavor; 6 persons each of whom represent one of the following six professionally staffed local arts organizations – the Yakima Symphony Orchestra, The Capitol Theatre, Allied Arts of Yakima Valley, The Seasons Music Festival, the Larson Gallery, and the Yakima Valley Museum; one member of the Yakima City Council.

Meets: TBD

Residency Requirements: 3 community members shall be residents of the City of Yakima.

Term Limitations: Two

Attendance Requirements: None, but may be removed by the City Council.


  1. Encouragement, procedures for selection and approval, placement, and ongoing maintenance of public art in public places throughout the City of Yakima;
  2. Advise and assist city departments, commissions, and committees, as well as the City Council, regarding artistic components of all municipal government projects under consideration by the city. The Commission may also serve as a resource for artistic components of land use developments;
  3. Develop relationships with existing organizations and community groups having a stake and interest in good building and public space design and development;
  4. Encourage connections with regional, state, and national organizations with an interest in art, artistic values, and similar goals;
  5. May pursue gifts and grants to the City of Yakima for the purposes of cultural and artistic activities and enhancements of public spaces in the City of Yakima;
  6. Promote and engage in activities that enrich the lives of the City of Yakima’s residents through artistic education and expression;
  7. Work with existing arts organizations, community groups, and artists in the delivery of programs and activities as well as assist in fostering collaboration and stability;
  8. Serve as a voluntary advisory resource for the aesthetic review of private development.