Phase 1 of North 1st Street Revitalization Project begins

The first of 3 phases for the project, Phase 1 covers U.S. Highway 12 to N Street. Phase 1 work began in March 2019 with crews excavating aging utility lines (water, sewer, stormwater), which are being replaced as part of the revitalization project.
The project includes reconstructing the North 1st Street roadway, rebuilding sidewalks, installing new lighting, building new median islands, redirecting utility lines, and enhancing landscaping.


The North 1st Street project will cover 3 phases

Phase 1 is estimated to cost about $3.3 million and is being paid for mostly with federal and state funds.  Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.


The North 1st Street Revitalization Project is intended to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians and increase the economic development potential of the North 1st Street corridor, one of the main entrances to the city.

This 3-phase project includes the complete reconstruction of nearly 1.5 miles of North 1st Street, a principal arterial.

The project will remove on-street parking; street lighting will be enhanced and changed over to LED lighting, add pedestrian lighting; construct many 100 foot segments of boulevard median islands; install various pedestrian and decorative elements such as enhanced landscaping along the side of the roadway. Bike facilities will be added to 1st Street which connects to a regional bicycle and pedestrian trail