City of Yakima

Need to know the current zoning of your property, future land use designation or other development information? Then view the information below and try the City of Yakima’s iMap viewer.


Table 4-1 titled “Permitted Land Uses” is incorporated as part of section YMC 15.04.030. Each permitted land use listed in Table 4-1 is designated as a Class (1), (2), or (3) use for a particular zoning district. In addition, some Class (1) uses may require Type 2 Review in accordance with YMC 15.04.020.


Interactive Mapping

Interactive Mapping - Yakima Geographic Information Systems

The City of Yakima GIS viewer allows you to look at and analyze a variety of data layers. You can locate properties by parcel number, situs address or geocoded address. Use the tools to navigate, identify or measure in the map window. Choose tools in the upper bar.  The new features of this mapping application are faster drawing times, better cartography and more current data.

Note: Information may not be current to date.  The City of Yakima is not responsible for any incorrect information derived from the GIS system!