Matt Brown

Matthew Brown was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and moved to Yakima in January 2006. He met his high school sweetheart in 2007 and married her in 2010. Matt and Chelsea have two kids, Hudson and Lily. Matt has been involved in his local community for years and has a passion for the Yakima Valley. In owning two small businesses, he has the vision and the drive to see Yakima as a place for all small businesses to achieve their dreams. He has spent countless hours helping other entrepreneurs learn how to set up their business, get it off the ground and start moving forward.

Matt’s drive does not stop.  He has focused his efforts on the faith community. One of his businesses specializes in helping churches utilize their technology in their church to spread the gospel effectively. He is an unapologetic Christian and fully committed to his faith. As an ordained Foursquare Pastor, Matt works tirelessly often all hours of the day, helping the church succeed in the community God has placed them in. With over 15 years in ministry and technology, Matt is an industry leader in all things Audio/Visual.

With 10+ years of small business experience, Matt has navigated two successful businesses during an economic downturn and now through COVID. In 2020 Matt, like many other small businesses, was excited about the future, excited for a chance to chase the American dream and the pursuit of happiness.  None of us could have prepared for what transpired. Each of us has suffered from the events of the last year, and in the challenges, Matt has worked hard to help the community. His aid has come in the form of providing accurate COVID numbers, working to help many local businesses reopen, organizing churches in their reopening efforts, and advocating for them at the state level.

Matt is determined to return the voice to the people and small businesses of Yakima. He is here to restore public trust in the local government and believes that to accomplish this, there must be a problem solver and a builder on the city council. Matt will never stop working for the people, for the city, and for a better future.

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