Minor Industrial Users (MIU)-nondomestic discharger that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1.  Daily average process wastewater flows exceed five thousand gallons per day, but not more than twenty-five thousand gallons per day (excluding domestic wastewater and noncontact cooling water); or
  2. Maximum daily discharge volume which exceeds one percent of the average dry weather hydraulic or organic capacity of the POTW; or
  3. Is otherwise deemed by the city to be categorized as an MIU.

What is FOG: FAT, OIL, and GREASE : One parameter of great concern is fat, oil, and grease (FOG). FOG causes tremendous problems for the City’s POTW. Heavy concentrations of FOG have the potential to cause back-ups within the sewer collection pipes which may lead to flooding of wastewater into residential homes or businesses. It also interferes with the process at the POTW. Not only is this an extremely expensive and unpleasant situation, it is also a health hazard.
The limit for FOG concentration being discharged into the City’s POTW is 100 mg/L in accordance with § 7.65.060 B. 7. of the City of Yakima’s Municipal Code. The Pretreatment Program strictly enforces this limit when it monitors businesses. Enforcement action is taken in accordance with § 7.65.200 of the City of Yakima’s Municipal Code when businesses do not meet compliancy after
they are warned.

Sampling Port Requirements
FOG Commercial Brochure