The Civil Division consists of the City Attorney, three Assistant City Attorneys, and two legal assistants.  The purpose and function of the Civil Division is to:

  1. advise and assist in the preparation of legislation affecting the Municipal Code;
  2. prepare and advise on the legality, correctness, and form of all contracts, bonds, and other legal instruments to which the City is a party;
  3. advise the City Council, the City Manager, all department heads, and other administrative officials, boards and commissions regarding legal matters;
  4. represent the City as attorney in all Civil legal proceedings in which the City is a party, including tort claims, land use, environment, code enforcement, labor and employment, contracts and utilities;
  5. provide legal representation and recommendations toward appropriate disposition of claims or suits at law or equity to which the City may be a party involving property rights or money claims;
  6. preserve in its office copies of all opinions rendered by the department; and
  7. perform other legal duties that may be required by the City Charter, ordinance, the City Council, or the City Manager.