The mission of the City of Yakima Criminal Prosecution Division is:

 To ethically pursue justice and greater public safety for the citizens of Yakima by professionally and efficiently prosecuting crime with Integrity, Equality and Consistency.

As a division of the City of Yakima Legal Department, the Prosecution Division is responsible for fulfilling the City’s obligations under RCW 39.34.180 regarding the prosecution of misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses committed by adults within City boundaries, whether filed under state law or city ordinance.

The Prosecution Division also drafts criminal ordinances, monitors state criminal justice legislation of interest to the City, reviews referred police reports for criminal charging decisions and represents the City in all phases of criminal prosecution, from arraignment to sentencing and appeal.

The Prosecution Division represents the interests of the public as a whole and does not represent individuals. The attorneys and staff employed by the office are strictly prohibited from providing any legal advice to private individuals in any criminal matter.