Need to dispose of sharps/needles properly?

Here are some tips for households to get rid of sharps or needles properly to help keep our environment clean and safe:

  • Put used sharps in a strong plastic container. Use a labeled sharps container or a bleach/detergent bottle, NOT a pop bottle. When it is 3/4 full, duct tape the lid shut and label the container “DO NOT RECYCLE.”
  • Place the container in your garbage container, NOT the recycling. Labeled sharps containers can be thrown away in the garbage.
  • Please don’t place loose sharps in the trash or in the toilet. Even the sharps that have retractable needles need to be stored in a container. This helps reduce the chance of family members or refuse workers getting injured by a loose sharp.

There are more places where used sharps can be disposed of. The local Bi-Mart stores will take your sharps for free if you purchase a labeled sharps container from the Pharmacy Department, $4.99 if you bring your own container. The Yakima Police Department also accepts sharps. Please call the non-emergency line at (509) 575-6200 for more information.

Are you a business? Sharps are designated medical waste and needs to be disposed of by arrangement with the County landfill. Please call (509) 574-2450 for more information

For more information, please visit the Safe Needle Disposal website.