YCTV is a “public access” cable television service provided by the City of Yakima’s Community Relations Division. Public access cable television services like YCTV provide every member of a community the opportunity to share their interests, ideas, philosophies, opinions, etc. with the rest of the community. Public access channels are often referred to as an “electronic soapbox.” After initial training and with ongoing assistance, everyone who has interest in producing television program to air on YCTV can achieve that goal.

Training Classes

    • 2-hour “orientation”
      • This is the first step everyone must take toward realizing the goal of producing a TV program to air on YCTV. During the class you will learn the policies and procedures of YCTV and become familiar with the YCTV production facilities. After completing the class, you’ll and be deemed a “certified community producer” with all of the privileges and responsibilities that go with certification.


    • 1-hour basic camcorder operation
      • During this class you’ll learn how to operate the mini-DV camcorders that are available for use by YCTV community producers. In addition to learning the basic operation, you’ll also learn how to use a camcorder to record outstanding images. Basic composition and framing techniques are included in the class.


    • 3-hour basic editing class
      • During this class you’ll learn the operational basics of the editing systems available for use by YCTV community producers. Editing concepts and “tricks of the trade” are included in this class.


All training classes are conducted by Community Programming Coordinator Bonnie Lozano. Classes can be scheduled anytime Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. For more information about training classes, contact Bonnie by phone at 575-6092 or by e-mail at bonnie.lozano@yakimawa.gov.