Airport poll results

More than 1,200 people responded to a poll about preferences for coffee and fresh foods at Yakima Air Terminal-McAllister Field (YKM).

The results are in, with participants making their preferences clear!

More than 60% prefer fresh sandwiches:

Fresh sandwiches61.55%746
Fresh pastries15.92%193
Fresh fruit15.02%182
Quick microwavable hot food3.05%37
Chips & candy4.46%54
Total 1212

As for coffee, 57% of participants said local is the way to go:

Local roasters57.26%682
Total 1191

The poll ran during the month of August as part of YKM’s efforts to upgrade the travel experience at the airport.

Results of previous City of Yakima polls conducted for the airport have shown great support for airport expansion, as well as interest in Seattle and Las Vegas as flight destinations.

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