Historic Buildings

Historic Districts

What are the benefits of Listing in the National Register of Historic Places?

  • Recognition of a property’s significance in history, architecture, archeology, or engineering
  • Limited protection is provided when a property is endangered by a federally funded or licensed action
  • Provides the owner of income-producing property (commercial or rental residential) the opportunity to receive investment tax credits for “certified rehabilitation”
  • Provides the owner the opportunity to apply for certain grants for restoration/rehabilitation (when funding is available)

Being listed on the National Register of Historic Places does not:

  • Restrict the sale of private property
  • Require continued maintenance of private property
  • Restrict the use of the property (for example, an owner can continue to live in a listed house or convert a listed property to another use)
  • Require the owner to give tours of the property or open it to the public
  • Guarantee funds for restoration
  • Guarantee perpetual maintenance of the property
  • Provide a tax credit for a private residential structure
  • Provide a historic marker for the property
  • Provide the same level of protection as local designation

Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation:

The Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) is the primary contact for three historic registers (the National Register of Historic Places, the Washington Heritage Register and the Heritage Barn Register) that track Washington’s historic and cultural resources.

Do you have questions about nominating a property? Contact the Planning Division at (509) 575-6183 or email to: ask.planning@yakimawa.gov.