Housing growth

The City of Yakima supports and encourages new housing production to provide more choices and address local housing needs. Click “Read More” for updates on housing growth and helpful links.

WFCC Survey

Yakima Parks & Recreation wants to hear from you about programs and activities it offers at Washington Fruit Community Center (WFCC). Click “Read More” for a WFCC survey and newsletter.

COVID-19 updates

The Yakima Health District monitors COVID-19 activity in Yakima County and provides daily updates. Click “Read More” for recommendations to help stem the spread, as well as helpful links.

2021 Car Wash Survey

Take the survey to help preserve our natural environment. Click “Read More” for surveys in English and Spanish. Survey results will help the City of Yakima in future outreach programs.

City of Yakima Drinking Water

City of Yakima drinking water has earned statewide recognition for its high quality. Click “Read More” for details and copies of the City water quality report in English and Spanish.

Online City Services

Many City facilities are closed due to COVID-19, but City services continue. Click “Read More” for a phone directory and details about connecting with online City services such as permits and utilities.

Yakima Police now hiring

Click “Read More” to learn more about becoming an officer with the Yakima Police Department (YPD). The link includes contact information, as well as scheduling for public safety testing.

Harman Senior Center

The Harman Center at Gailleon Park offers a wide range of programs and services to Yakima senior citizens and serves as a wonderful venue for a variety of special events. To learn more about the Harman Senior Center, click “Read More”.

2016 Yakima Parks & Recreation Community Survey

Help chart the future of Yakima’s parks by filling out the 2016 Yakima Parks & Recreation Community Survey. The survey has been mailed to more than 4000 randomly-selected households and can also be filled on online by clicking “Read More” and following directions to the survey link.