Chesterley Park Walkway Project

A project now underway will add almost 2,200 feet of new walkway at the City of Yakima’s Chesterley Park. The new walkway will be located on the southeast and south side of the park.

The City’s Streets Division will begin work on the project which will connect to existing walkway and utilize the sidewalk along River Road. When complete, there will be more than 4,500 feet of paved path at Chesterley Park.

“The new walkway will create a loop that people can use for leisure and exercise,” said Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson. “We are so pleased to provide another recreation amenity for our community to enjoy.”

During walkway construction, most of Chesterley Park will remain open to the public. Construction will be away from the park’s soccer fields. No traffic restrictions or closures are anticipated during construction.

The goal is to complete walkway improvements by the end of April or early May.

It is funded through City of Yakima Real Estate Excise Tax (REET).

Contact Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson at 509-576-6416 or Communications & Public Affairs Director Randy Beehler at 509-901-1142 for more about the project.

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