Reporting potholes

Potholes are not uncommon this time of the year due to the “freeze-thaw cycle” Yakima experiences when precipitation, in the form of rain and/or snow, seeps into small cracks within the asphalt pavement.

Potholes can be reported using the City’s “Yak Back” feature at or calling the City’s Street Repair Hotline at (509) 576-6713.

The “freeze-thaw cycle” causes moisture to contract and expand; increasing the size of the cracks. As vehicles travel over these cracks, the asphalt pavement begins to loosen, thereby creating potholes.

City crews continually monitor for potholes, repairing them as quickly as possible to reduce further damage to the roadway and to ensure safety for drivers.

With over 400 miles of streets in the City of Yakima, the City is asking for help in reporting potholes.

“Having residents and community members reporting the locations of potholes, greatly assists Public Works in their effort in repairing them in a timely manner,” said Public Works Director Scott Schafer. “More eyes on an issue provide for better results.”