Sustainable Yakima Committee

The Yakima City Council seeks volunteers to apply for appointment to the new Sustainable Yakima Committee. The committee is comprised of seven members. One will be a “youth member” between the ages of 16 and 22 at the time of appointment.

At least five Sustainable Yakima Committee members must be City of Yakima residents. The remaining two may be residents of Yakima County living outside of the Yakima city limits.

Application deadline is September 30th.

The committee generally shall serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council concerning sustainability within the city, specifically in the following capacities:

  1. Serve as an advisory committee on issues related to sustainability, renewable energy, and climate change as directed by City Council;
  2. Provide support, as appropriate, for the 2022-2023 feasibility study and potential development of an anaerobic digester for processing food and plant waste;
  3. Provide advice and/or recommendations to the City Council, as appropriate, to reduce the City’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and explore possible renewable energy use by the City;
  4. Provide advice and/or recommendations to the City Council, as appropriate, regarding City recycling efforts; and
  5. Provide education and outreach to the public on issues as directed by the City Council.

Additional information on the duties and responsibilities of each committee can be found at Anyone interested in applying for openings can download an application from the City of Yakima website –

Contact City Clerk Sonya Claar Tee by phone, 509-575-6037, or e-mail,, for more information about current or future openings on City of Yakima boards, committees, or commissions,

It is the responsibility of the City Council to appoint people to serve on the governing bodies of those organizations.