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A diverse portfolio of sites ready for business location that provide Yakima a competitive advantage because infrastructure is in place, any contamination is addressed and owners are willing to sell/lease.

Why Important?

Businesses need a place to locate. Yakima has finite land available within city boundaries. By identifying and readying sites for business development, we will preserve land for economic opportunities, increase the tax base and improve our image as a vibrant place for business with desirable curb appeal.

Tactics – Sites for Business

  • Inventory and prioritize potential sites
    • Evaluate urban growth area for future sites (i.e. Tier II)
    • Prioritize redevelopment sites/corridors
  • Engage landowners and understand willingness to partner
  • For each site, beginning with airport sites owned by the City
    • Determine gaps for each site’s competitive readiness
    • Develop site‐specific plans to upgrade conditions. Depending on site, this may be master plan with infrastructure planning
    • Pursue funding for infrastructure and other improvements (i.e. CERB, requests to state, etc.)
    • Link to available tools
  • Inventory available sites on the market
  • Document site information: zoning, infrastructure, planned and funded infrastructure, incentive zones, pricing, terms, etc.
    • Conduct meetings with property owners or representatives
    • Utilize city mapping resources
  • Determine best‐fit target businesses and run hypothetical project pro forma
  • Post complete site and building information to online real estate databases on City and YCDA ( websites
  • Develop a system for maintaining complete information on websites; verify and update at least every 90 days
  • Pursue certified sites designation

Core Working Group – Sites for Business

Lead Yakima County Development Association & City of Yakima – Economic
Development Department
Team City of Yakima – Planning Department, Engineering Department, Airport
Real estate brokerage community
Yakima County Development Association
Resources Washington State Department of Ecology
Washington State Department of Transportation