Irrigation Shutoff Needed To Repair Private Delivery System

The New Schanno Canal Company, a private provider of irrigation water to the City of Yakima’s Lenox System and 9th Avenue System, has been experiencing problems with its delivery system recently.  Several repairs were completed this week, but another leak has been discovered.  To initiate repairs, the New Schanno canal will be temporarily shut down on the evening of Monday, July 14th.  Meanwhile, the canal will continue to operate this weekend with limited pressure.

The temporary shutdown will result in about 1,400 homes served by the City’s Lenox System and 9th Avenue System experiencing reduced irrigation water pressure.  Some homes may be completely without irrigation water while crews from the City of Yakima Water/Irrigation Division are assisting the private canal company in trying to determine what’s causing the delivery system problems.

After repairs are made to the New Schanno system, irrigation water should gradually begin flowing again on Tuesday afternoon.  However, full irrigation water service is not expected to be available in the Lenox System and the 9th Avenue System until sometime on Wednesday, July 16th.

The Lenox System serves the area from Voelker Avenue to 12th Ave between Nob Hill Boulevard and Mead Avenue. The 9th Avenue System serves an area from 7th Ave to 10th Ave between Baker Street and Nob Hill.

As always, the schedule for this type of project is subject to change daily dependent on weather, equipment failure, and emergencies.

Customers who have questions about the New Schanno delivery system shutoff are encouraged to contact Acting Irrigation Supervisor Rich Sanislo at 575-6194


Irrigation Delivery System Shut Down News Release