Parks and Recreation Launches “Step Up & Park It”

Walk for exercise, visit local parks and you might win a prize in Yakima Parks and Recreation’s “Step Up & Park It” program­ that begins Monday, July 6th and continues through August 31st.

This free, 8 week program is designed to help you stay active while visiting local parks. Participants of all fitness levels are invited to join. Simply track and report your steps. The goal is to set progressive daily step goals to reach 10,000 steps per day by the end of the challenge.

The program is available through Challenge Runner. If you do not have a Challenge Runner account, sign up at

If you are already a Challenge Runner member, log in to your account and enter challenge code efb6xz-2cth

Track steps manually, with a fitness tracker, device or app and log steps into the challenge app.

“We encourage people to explore their local parks or anywhere that is safe to walk – with social distancing precautions – while creating a consistent walking habit in their everyday lives,” said Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson.

Following are requirements and incentives for receiving a Step Up & Park It participant t-short, as well as eligibility requirements for prize drawings at the end of each two-week interval:


Individuals must complete the requirements for interval 1 to receive a Step Up & Park It participant T-shirt.

IntervalStep GoalTotal Steps
July 6-19Average 5,000 steps per day70,000 minimum by July 19
July 20- August 2Average 7,000 steps per day168,000 minimum by August 2
August 3-16Average 9,000 steps per day294,000 minimum by August 16
August 17-31Average 10,000 steps per day434,000 minimum by August 31

Individuals who meet the requirement for each interval will be entered into a drawing to win prizes at the end of each two week interval.

Call 575-6020 or visit for more about Yakima Parks and Recreation.