Air Quality Alert Issued for Yakima Area

The Washington State Department of Ecology has issued an air quality alert for the Yakima area that is in effect until 10:00 am Friday, August 10th.

The alert is due to wildfires burning in the region, combined with forecasts that call for conditions which could cause air quality to reach unhealthy levels.

Pollutants in smoke can cause burning eyes, runny nose, and aggravate serious health problems such as heart and lung diseases.

Children, the elderly, and individuals with respiratory illnesses are most at risk of serious health effects during the air quality alert.

The alert calls for limiting outdoor activities and keeping children indoors if the air quality is poor.

The air quality alert is in addition to an excessive heat warning the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued for the Yakima area. The warning is in effect from 2:00 pm today, Wednesday August 8th through 8:00 pm tomorrow, Thursday.

The Yakima Fire Department,, advises staying indoors and limiting time outside, if possible. If you have to be outside, hydrate early and know the early signs of heat exhaustion before you have to go out. 

The Fire Department notes that signs of heat exhaustion include moist and clammy skin, dilated pupils, and normal or subnormal temperatures. Heat stroke symptoms include dry hot skin, constricted pupils, and very high body temperature.

 Air Quality Alert – News Release