Application Deadline Nears For Future Land Use Map Changes

Property owners in City of Yakima have until Friday, April 29th to request a future land use designation change.

The City of Yakima Planning Commission and City Council have opened up the process to allow members of the public to propose requests for consideration for review during the Comprehensive Plan 2040 Update. The City is also waiving the normal $500 dollar application fee and covering the SEPA fee.

The City of Yakima Community Development Department is in the process of updating the state mandated Yakima 2025 Comprehensive Plan. For 2016 and 2017, all proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments will be reviewed and considered in concurrence with the City’s required Comprehensive Plan 2040 update program, that is to scheduled be finished in June, 2017.

“This opportunity is important” said Planning Commission Chairman Scott Clark. “This is the ideal time to bring forth a proposal, because the next opportunity to make a change won’t be available until 2018” added Clark.

While there is no guarantee that all the changes will be implemented at this time, the Yakima Planning Commission is interested in community input and suggestions.

Application forms for potential land use map changes are available from the City Planning Division. The form and other information pertaining to the Comprehensive Plan 2040 update can be obtained on the second floor of Yakima City Hall, 129 North 2nd Street, Yakima, Washington 98901.

For more information, please contact Valerie Smith, Senior Planner, at (509) 575-6042, or e-mail at