August 20th Yakima Council Meeting Review

The Yakima City Council held its most recent regular agenda business meeting on Tuesday, August 20th.  Action taken by the Council on August 20th included:

–   Banning smoking at special events, smoking in parks and smoking near playgrounds

–   Setting a September 3rd public hearing date to consider a one month extension of a moratorium on new cell towers and wireless communication facilities

–   Failure to pass a motion to rename “A” Street to Sgt. Pendleton Blvd

Follow this link to watch Y-PAC coverage of the August 20th Yakima City Council meeting                                   

Yakima City Council regular agenda business meetings air live on Charter Cable channel 22 and are replayed at 7:00 pm the following night. The meetings are shown again at 9:00 am on the following Saturday and Sunday mornings, and are also available on the City of Yakima website –