Broken Pump Interrupts Irrigation Service to Fruitvale System

A broken pump motor has resulted in the temporary shutdown of irrigation water in the area of the City bordered to the north by Fruitvale Boulevard, to the south by Jerome Avenue, to the west by North 16th Avenue, and to the east by North 6th Avenue.

The shutdown of what’s known as the “Fruitvale System” means about 256 customers will be without irrigation service until the pump motor can be replaced.

Replacement of the pump motor is expected to be completed and irrigation service restored to Fruitvale System customers by Wednesday, August 21st.  

“We have expedited the process to get the replacement pump motor ordered,” said City of Yakima Irrigation Supervisor Richard Sanislo.  “As soon as the replacement motor arrives, we’ll work on getting it installed.”

“We apologize to Fruitvale System customers for any inconvenience the temporary shutoff might cause,” said Sanislo. “The system will be back up and running as soon as possible.”

As always, the schedule for this type of project is subject to change daily dependent on weather, equipment failure, shipping issues, and emergencies.

Customers who have questions about the temporary shutdown of the Fruitvale System can contact the City of Yakima’s Water/Irrigation Division at 575-6194.