Business Licensing Process Changing in April

A change is in the works for business license applications and renewals.

Business license applications and renewals for local municipalities will be through the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) beginning April 2nd.

The DOR business license application is available at

General information about business licensing through DOR is available at

March 20th is the last day the City of Yakima can accept an application at the 2nd floor counter at City Hall.

“Business owners will need to apply for city business licenses through the state program starting April 2nd,” said Code Administration Manager Glenn Denman. “They will no longer file those applications or renewals at Yakima City Hall.”

The change is the result of House Bill 2005, which the state legislature approved in 2017. It requires transferring business license applications to the state’s Business Licensing System (BLS).

“The BLS simplifies the application process,” said Denman. “Business owners can apply for and renew their State business license as well as their local jurisdictional licenses through one application instead of having to go through many application processes.”

The Yakima City Council amended Yakima Municipal Code Title 5 during its March 3rd meeting to follow the new state law, RCW 35.90.020.

Under the new system, business licenses expire on the anniversary of their issue date rather than the first of the year.

Denman recommends allowing at least two weeks to process business license applications and renewals.

Call 575-6126 or e-mail for more about changes in the business license process.

The DOR office in Yakima is located at 3703 River Road, Suite 3. It can be reached by phone at 454-5160.