City Council to Consider Property Maintenance Code Revisions

During its regular meeting on Tuesday, February 2nd, the Yakima City Council will consider adopting the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC).

The City’s Codes Division is requesting Council adopt the IPMC, including amendments reflecting local changes to that code, in the interest of public health and safety.

The City of Yakima welcomes comment on the proposal at Codes (

If adopted, the 2018 IPMC would also repeal property maintenance codes in Yakima Municipal Code (YMC) Chapters 11.07 (Building Conservation Code), 11.10 (Neighborhood Conservation Code), 11.13 (Apartment House and Hotel Safety Code), 11.20 (1991 Uniform Housing Code), 11.46 (1991 Uniform Code of the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings), 11.48 (Vacant Building Code) and 11.56 (Building Security).

“Some of these codes are redundant and each has unique procedures to follow, as well as differing penalties among them,” said Code Administration Manager Glenn Denman. “The IPMC covers all the issues found in those codes, but has a single procedure and a single penalty structure to follow. The result will be a clearer, simpler code for both city staff and city residents.”

The IPMC has been adopted by Yakima County, Union Gap and Selah, and is utilized by many jurisdictions across the State of Washington and beyond.

Click IPMC-Ordinance-YMC-11.40-final.pdf ( for a link to the proposed ordinance Council will consider on February 2nd.

2018 IPMC